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To provide a wide range of both synthetic and application benchmarks for Linux as well as information and tools to tune and run them.


This project is made up of various parties interested in measuring aspects of linux performance. Some members are interested in performance of a specific workload on normal PC architectures, some are comparing specific hardware capabilities,some are trying to push linux's scalibility limits on larger systems, and some are trying to measure performance of specific applications.

One of the problems with benchmarking on linux is the ability to talk about benchmark numbers in the open as certain benchmarks have specific restrictions on their use, usually requiring the results to be audited and approved. We hope to develop open benchmarks to use in substitution of restricted benchmarks.

Project Resources

Project management tools and mailing lists can be found on the SourceForge site.

Benchmark Tools

Quick-Hit Benchmarks

"Quick-hit" benchmarks are simple tests to measure a certain aspect of performance, but usually do not give a larger perceptive of system performance.

Synthetic Benchmarks

Synthetic benchmarks are similar to "quick-hit" tests in that they are not meant to represent a "real-world" workload, but can often be useful in measuring the maximum capacity of specific aspects of a system.

Application Benchmarks

Findings and Whitepapers

Other useful resources

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